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Possible Trade Tariff Brings Concern to Supply Chain

Possibility for trade tariff is on the rise and some might not see it as a benefit for them and their business.

Boeing, an aircraft manufacturing company is one of the companies that might be affected by the concurrent event. Though the market has yet to be affected by this, it has already raised concern to the company, especially that the nature of their industry operates in free and open trading.

The possibility of trade tariff is due to the growing tension between the United States and China.  The United States has been planning to raise a 10-percent tariff on Chinese goods worth $200 Billion. As a result, China is also deciding whether they would bring back the favor or not. If this event will continue to happen, supply chains are the ones that would be greatly affected.

Boeing who also operates in a two-way process- flowing from the US to China, said that the supply chain cost might differ from what they are used to, and it is a “no-no” to the business.

As of the moment, Boeing and the two countries are in talk of the possibility of the event. The company said that both governments are ready to listen to their opinions and insights, especially that both countries are in need of aerospace supplies.

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