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Puma to Release Fi, the Self-Lacing Training Shoes

Puma introduces its latest self-lacing shoe Fit Intelligence, or simply “Fi”, and selects tech-savvy people to beta test for work outs and light running.

Charging our phones, smart watches and wireless headphones are pretty much already part of our day-to-day activities. Soon enough, charging our shoes is about to be a thing as well!

Puma, the third largest athletic shoe company behind Adidas and Nike, will be releasing its own self-lacing training shoes that will rival Nike’s high-tech sneakers that does the same thing.

The trainers work with a small motor in the tongue of the shoe. With a swipe of your finger, Puma’s smart shoes could easily tighten or loosen your laces as it also comes with its own mobile application.

A battery can be found under the sole of each smart training shoe which can be charged through a wireless charging dock or by taking out the batteries manually. Puma’s designers said the batteries would last about a week with normal use.

Fi currently only works with an Apple iPhone or Apple Watch but will soon be optimized for Android phones. Furthermore, the shoes will only be available to the public in 2020 and will be sold for $330.

Puma’s Director of Innovation, Charles Johnson, said that they wanted to tackle digital technology to bring something into the physical world.

Puma actually released its first-generation self-lacing shoes in 2016. But they stated that the new Fi is powered by a “state of the art technology platform” that will allow your shoes to fit really well as its laces apparently learn to adapt to the shape of your foot over time.