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Razer just launched an Mental Performance for gamers

The world’s leader in high-performance gaming hardware, Razer, enters in the “DRINK WORLD” with its “no ordinary beverage”.

Razer, known for its gaming hardware, software and system, is leveling up its offerings with its new energy drink “Respawn“. Though the name Respawn is a spin-off of Razer, and already a new brand, the company said that the concept was 100 percent Razer.

The company then stated that the idea of the energy drinks started as a 2010 April Fool’s Day prank, then known as the less acceptable “Project Venom.” Every country has their own version of energy drinks, but this one is “for gamers by gamers.”

“RESPAWN sits at the center of the gaming ecosystem by helping to enhance the gamers themselves. The mental performance drink mix keeps gamers’ minds at consistently high levels of focus and attention and taste buds activated, especially as they compete over long gaming sessions,” Razer said.

The energy drink comes in its powder formula. It is a sugar-free drink with ingredients like green tea extract, choline, B vitamins, and 95 mg of caffeine made to be mixed in a metal branded shaker (sold separately). The shaker is metal and insulated which keeps the drink cold for a long time.

Respawn energy drink will be available in 4 flavors: pomegranate watermelon, blue raspberry, tropical pineapple, and green apple.

“Now you are ready to Respawn,” the company said. “Effects should be felt soon after consumption.”