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Saïd Business School of Oxford University to Offer a New Course

Oxford’s Said Business School is a business school that focuses on areas like business, management, and finance and now it will be launching a new course in online algorithmic trading. The first school to offer the course worldwide.

Algorithmic trading is frantically on the rise in the market as it makes transactions easier, as well as making fast decisions.  For the past 30 years, it has been popular with hedge funds that are estimated to account for about 20%.

Integrating the course in Said Business School is a good strategy and experience for the students since most of the industry works with automation and systematic funding.

With this, the students will be able to acquire knowledge pertaining the different strategies on making a good business decision. They will also have an idea how to use computer algorithms, utilize the market and decide on whether or not an investment is worth having.

The course will include a topic about behavioral finance theory which involves the human behavior and its pattern. It will give the students an insight into the proper characteristics a trader or business people should have. They will also be taught about equality and omitting human bias in making decisions that will make a stronger foundation for their future endeavors and a reference that might help them with their field.

The online course will be running for six weeks starting July 25, that will help professionals have a better understanding of algorithmic trading.