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Samai Distillery Open to New Overseas Market

Samai Distillery, Cambodia’s first and only premium rum distillery, plans to expand its market on countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and Spain.

Since the Samai Distillery was the first of its kind to have successfully established a business in Cambodia, the demand for their product in the local market is not that high- since, almost all the citizens in the country are not familiar with rum.

As a result, the company decided to enter the overseas market; for them to generate a much higher revenue- which was a success. One of the key instruments that made foreigners like their products is the unique ingredients that they used upon making it- an ingredient that can only be found in Cambodia.

Though the company was able to enter the international market they still had to think of a new strategy since many beverage companies are starting to emerge and join the market. Due to the growing competition, the distillery might experience a revenue decrease, especially in countries such as India, the United States, and the Philippines- which are considered as their top three markets.

Recently, it was reported that the company is trying to widen their network by going to countries located in Asia, as well as Spain- who is popular for having the largest number of vineyards by area among other countries. With its current number of employees, the distillery was able to produce 500 bottles of rum each month. Now, with their future plans of expanding their business, they wish to increase their productions into the coming years.