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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled on August 7

On its Galaxy Note series, Samsung now has released a launching date for its new Galaxy Note 10 on August 7.

Along with its vision “Inspire the World, Create the Future”, Samsung has given so much advancement in today’s society. From their smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and many more. Way back 2011, the company released its first Galaxy Note. With their Galaxy phone series, now the company is unveiling a new model, Galaxy 10.

Samsung made it official. The giant company has sent invitations for the next upcoming Unpacked event. The huge unveiling event will be at 4 PM ET August 7 in New York.

Samsung is proud to spoil the surprise with an inclusion of a prominent S Pen on the invitation. The huge August event for the company will reveal the new Galaxy Note 10.

Rumors say that the company will be releasing four different versions of the Note10. Two of the four units are with 5G connection and one with a name Note 10 Pro. The biggest event is the model that features a 6.75in Quad-HD+ display and quad-lens rear camera with 5x optical zoom, it will tower over the 6.28in-screen, triple-lens camera standard Note 10

In 2018, Samsung released a number of additional features including a Galaxy Home smart speaker, though it’s not yet released. Due to its random and rampant releases, the company might be giving a date on that product, along with some information about the long-delayed Galaxy Fold.