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Scott Bradley of Huawei Canada is leaving his post

Huawei Canada Vice President of Corporate Affairs Scott Bradley disclosed his departure from his post as the company is facing intense scrutiny over security issues.

Scott Bradley, one of Huawei Canada’s top executive is leaving his post as the Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs of Huawei Canada. He disclosed his departure in his LinkedIn account post but did not give any reason.

Bradley said in his post that he continues to believe passionately in all of the values of Canada’s team represents and that he believes that the team is one of the most innovative in the world. He also said that it is time for a change for 2019.

Huawei Technologies Co is facing intense scrutiny over security issues. The Chinese company is a major supplier of telecommunications equipment in Canada.

Bradley joined Huawei in 2011. He is a key public spokesman of Huawei Canada. During his time, he committed himself to create a favorable reputation for Huawei in Canada.

Meanwhile, Bradley, in his memo to Huawei Canada said that his exit was not a sudden decision but rather an understanding over the past year and a half that at some point. He states that he would be moving on from a formal role with the company.

Eric Li, Huawei Canada President said that they are saddened to see Bradley leave but grateful for the tireless work he has put in to help the company grow their brand and public image, and build various relationships with government.

Bradley will serve as a special adviser to the company. He also confirmed that he intended to advise the company.