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Shopify: Introducing Tap-and-Chip Payment Terminal

Shopify launches retail card readers in Canada as merchants prepare for post-COVID commerce which lets retailers accept credit and debit card transactions.

Due to the global pandemic, many retailers are closed but nothing can stop Shopify Inc. from expanding its suite of point-of-sale offerings in Canada.

On Tuesday, May 12, the company introduced a tap-and-chip payment terminal, which lets retailers accept debit and credit card transactions north of the border, a move that comes just a week after it unveiled a new POS software system.

Introducing Shopify's Tap & Chip Reader and New Retail Features
Credits to Shopify

In an exclusive interview with the Financial Post, Shopify Director of Retail Ian Black said the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing traditional retailers to be more flexible, and they are turning to technology to make it happen.

“Sophisticated retailers are using technology that blends the offline and online world and builds direct consumer relationships across all of those channels,” Black said.

“Shopify POS and our Tap and Chip Reader allow retailers to re-open their doors while prioritizing safety; with contactless payments, curbside pickup, and local delivery. We are empowering Canadian retailers to unify their online and offline businesses in one place, so they can continue making sales whether consumers are in-store or at home.”

Naturally, the card reader is also integrated with Shopify Payments, the system used by Shopify merchants to manage their financials, both online and in-store, all in one place. 

By using their POS system, Canadian retailers have been able to adapt to delivery and curbside pickup so well that “Shopify’s Canadian retail merchants managed to replace 99% of lost in-store sales with online sales over a six week period,”  according to Shopify.

Shopify said they will be giving away 3,000 devices to Toronto retailers, as part of a partnership with the City of Toronto and Digital Mainstreet, an organization that helps Toronto businesses get online.