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Shopify is Launching a Consumer Shopping App called Shop

Shopify, the platform that supports e-commerce sites, is launching a consumer shopping app called: Shop.

The mobile app will allow consumers to browse local favorites, make purchases, track orders, and receive tailored recommendations in one digital place.

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With location filters, Shop will help users find local businesses to buy from — at least the Shopify-powered ones. It will also suggest recommendations from users’ favorite brands. Shoppers can checkout with one-click payment, and they can track all of their online orders.

Shop App is available on both iOS and Android and will utilize features from Shopify’s existing e-commerce product. Shop Pay, the company’s one-click accelerated checkout function, has been used to process over $8 billion in sales; Arrive, its online order tracking service, counts 16 million users to date. Both are now built into the Shop app experience.

“In the last decade, Shopify has focused on solving complex problems for entrepreneurs by making commerce seamless and accessible,” said Carl Rivera, GM of Shop. “Now we want to do the same for customers.”

Shop helps businesses sell more by making it easier for customers to buy. The app gives independent businesses a new channel that automatically recommends products to their existing customers, all from a place they already shop — on their phone.

A user’s Shops tab acts as a personalized shopping feed that populates with product picks, special deals, and new arrivals based on their purchase history and the brands they follow on Shop.