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Singapore funds new regional cybersecurity center

Singapore is spending over $30 million (Singapore Dollars) to fund the upcoming ASEAN-Singapore Cyber Security Center of Excellence (ASCCE) that can respond to local and regional cyber-security related incidents.

The Cyber Security Center will be designed and developed to respond to the emerging global threats, it will be built in the course of 5 years but still waits to be fully funded till it will be launched in the second quarter next year. ASEAN-Singapore Cyber Security Center of Excellence (ASCCE) is an expansion to the existing ASEAN Cyber Capacity Programme, that is a $10 million project that Singapore funded in 2016 as a way to build cyber capabilities that were meant for ASEAN member states, academic partners and involved governments.

Minister S. Iswaran stated that ASCCE will be training national Computer Emergency Response teams (Certs) in the region and has added that the center is to align cyber diplomacy efforts with operational issues.

The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) released a fact sheet that contains three principal functions of the ASCCE.

-Cyber Range Training Center

-Training that involves Virtual Cyber defense and exercises

-Cyber think-tank and training

-Conducts Research and Training ASEAN member states that span to international law, cyber conflict, cyber strategy, cyber norms, and other cyber-security related incidents.

-Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) center

-Provides CERT-related training at the same time facilitate exchanging of cyber threat and attack-related information.