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Skype’s Latest Features Phased Out

Skype, a telecommunication platform, faced a crisis regarding its latest updates.

Last year, Microsoft decided to add new features to its application Skype to create a better experience for its users. However, the feedback from their users is far from what they have expected.

Microsoft knew that the features they have incorporated into the application can greatly affect the view of their users since it was a big change. But what they have not expected was the negative feedback from them.

Skype’s latest features are somehow similar to Snapchat‘s style which received a heavy criticism from the mass.

A big part of Skype’s community consists of professional level personnel which is why they have not easily accepted the changes in the application. Many said that the features did not incorporate the real purpose of the application.

It is somehow not appropriate for its main features- messaging and calls, especially in a professional state.

Nonetheless, Microsoft took the criticism lightly as they stated that through the opinions of their audience, they will be able to offer a much better service that will be complementary to their user’s needs.

The company also stated that when they made such a decision, they have already decided to accept the people’s opinion- whether it is good or not.


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