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Southeast Asia: Investors gamble on Casino boom

A 18,000-hectare casino resort will be built on the Bokor mountain area in Cambodia in addition to the Thansur Bokor Highland Resort Casino and Le Bokor Palace

Another 22 – both small and big casinos are planned to be opening in the port city of Sihanoukville, where most of China’s investment in Cambodia went to.

Unfortunately, due to the increase in foreign tourists in the fishing village of Sihanoukville, locals are suffering from the sudden influx of Foreign-owned Supermarkets and even more casinos which they are not allowed to enter.

The reason for this investment has been stated by the BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation) to being able to tap into the demand among players from China in both face-to-face and online play, as those activities are illegal under official Chinese Law.

Though Cambodia isn’t the only country to receive more casinos.

In Myanmar town of Myawady in Thailand which already has 5 legal gambling facilities, the newly opened casinos even offer duty-free liquor, cigarettes, and perfume for their players available.

Meanwhile, online gambling is the main attractions on the China-Laos border. Laos has three main casinos, one at the Nam Ngum Resort north of the capital Vientiane, another at the Golden Triangle where the borders of Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar cross, and the third in Savannakhet in the south.