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Spain’s Taxi Drivers in an All-Out Strike Against Ride-hailing Companies

On Wednesday, July 25, taxi drivers in Barcelona, Spain started an all-out strike regarding ride-hailing companies like Uber and Cabify putting almost 130,000 jobs at risk.

Starting in Barcelona, the strike has now spread throughout the country up to its capital city, Madrid. Taxi drivers are requesting the government to reconsider the number of vehicles operating through Uber and other ride-hailing companies to put on account their livelihood and their job.

The said companies have been threatening the source of taxi drivers’ income since a lot of people are resorting to this kind of transportation, sometimes neglecting them. As the number of ride-hailing vehicle increases, the lesser the possibility for taxi drivers to generate an income.

In order for the government to notice their request, groups of taxi drivers decided to block main roads in different cities, especially Madrid and Barcelona by parking their cars along the street occupying the whole space. It was also reported that some of the strikers have camped outside for several days so that their plea could be heard.

Taxi organizations are trying to convince the government to limit the distribution of ride-hailing licenses. Their request was formed after the government suggested to give licensing power to every region, which was immediately refused by the union.

The strike has caused a lot of commotion throughout the country and the reaction of the people varies. Some see the situation as a good example of invoking their right, while others look at it in a  bad way.  Nonetheless, the decision of the government is yet to be revealed.