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Starbucks First Store in Italy met Skepticism

On September 7, Starbucks finally opened their first store in Milan, Italy. Making it Starbucks’ third roastery branch after Seattle and Shanghai.

After 35 years the chairman of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, visited Italy and finally decided to increase the range of their global market to the place that gave the mass “the espresso.”

The competition will be difficult and will serve as a challenge for the American coffee shop. Previously, Starbucks opened 28,000 stores in 77 markets before Italy, but the coffee culture in there is on a next level.

Not many Italians are happy about this since many still prefer their local coffee shops that serve their own unique twist on how coffee is made.

To the dismay of frequent Starbucks goers, the Milan branch won’t serve Frappuccinos or their usual and mainstream Starbucks menu. In addition to this, they will focus more on the locals’ preferences such as espressos, ice cream, and pizza to appeal to Italians.

The coffee maker aims to adapt and accommodate to their target customers hoping it would create an impact and improve their game plan in Milan- a  good marketing strategy and a good step for Starbucks indeed.

There is still a chance for Starbucks to fight against Italy’s local coffee via tourists. But it would be pointless as a traveler to travel to Italy just to enjoy a familiar frappuccino, which you can likely get within a minimum travel time to your nearest Starbucks.