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Start a Business with Amazon for $10, 000

Amazon, one of the leading e-commerce company will be launching a new business that would enable people to start their own business and be their own boss.

The nature of the new business is more on delivery services which aim to address the problems regarding the latter. Those who are interested in the said business would have to hire drivers and lease vehicles that would be used to deliver products and packages from Amazon.

It does not only help businessmen to start a business, but it is also for customers to get their product as soon as possible wherever their location is.

Though the business is owned by a different person, the staff will still be wearing an Amazon Uniform for recognition purposes. Even the vehicles that would be used will have to be branded by the company. One thing that the business owners should observe is that they cannot deliver other company’s product as long as they are carrying the brand of Amazon.

To acquire the business, the initial investment that is needed would range to $10, 000. Amazon will be providing a third-party deal to lessen the start-up costs of those who would acquire the business. This includes leasing of vehicles specifically vans, buying of mobile devices and even getting insurance.

The success of this project is much anticipated, and many are hoping for a good result for Amazon, their customers and the ones who are planning to acquire the business.