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Thailand’s Tourism in Grave Danger

One of the biggest contributors to Thailand’s economy is tourism. With the country’s rich culture and beautiful destinations, many tourists are compelled to visit the country. This year’s summer though does not seem like a good opportunity for its tourism to bloom.

The country is currently facing a crisis in building up their economy for this year. Since the accident that happened last July on Phuket Island, the number of tourists that are coming into the country has drastically decreased.

The accident happened in early July when the Thai boat “The Phoenix” sank on its way to a snorkeling spot. The boat was carrying 105 passengers, of which 93 were Chinese Tourists and the remaining 12 are Thai crews and tour guides. Recent reports state that about 47 Chinese tourists had departed.

The Phoenix Boat Featured Image
“The Phoenix” Boat

After the accident, many have canceled their flight to the country and suspended their vacation- mostly Chinese tourists. According to Thailand’s Tourism and Sports Ministry, the country had a revenue loss of 37 billion baht when almost 600,000 Chinese tourists canceled their trips- not to say that Thai’s hotel and resort have been also affected by it.

Most of the time, Thailand’s tourists consist of Chinese nationalities and with what happened in the last few months, the country is struggling to keep the stability of their economy. Hopefully, the country can find a way to gain the trust of the mass once again.