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The passing of a fashion icon named Karl Lagerfeld

German couturier and photographer, Chanel’s creative director, and modern luxury fashion phenomenon passes away at age 85.

Karl Lagerfeld, the most iconic designer of the 21st century, passed away in Paris on Tuesday morning with the cause being unclear. The German-born couturier and photographer whose career formed the prototype of the modern luxury fashion industry, apparently missed two Chanel fashion shows in Paris last month, instigating speculations about his health.

Mr. Lagerfeld was best known as Chanel’s creative director since 1983. He also operated for Fendi since 1965 and even had his own fashion label with his namesake.

Karl Lagerfeld CEO Paolo Righi laments that the world has lost an icon. He also asserted that Karl Lagerfeld was a creative genius, influential, curious, powerful, and passionate. Righi considers him being one of the greatest designers of our time.

In his 80s, when most of his peers were retiring, Mr. Lagerfeld continued to design an average of 14 new collections a year – not even counting the collaborations and special projects. He argued that ideas come to him when he works.

Mr. Lagerfeld was also a great example of fashion polyglot. He was able to speak the language of many different brands at the same time – not to mention the language themselves being in English, French, German and Italian.

Mr. Lagerfeld was not only a popular photographer whose work was exhibited at Pinacotheque de Paris but also an author of the infamous 2002 diet book entitled “The Karl Lagerfeld Diet” telling his readers how he had lost 92 pounds.

Pure People, the French news site which first reported the death, said that Mr. Lagerfeld died in a hospital in Paris after being admitted on Monday night. On the other hand, Le Figaro, a French newspaper reported that he “had been very weak for many weeks” prior to his eternal rest.

“I don’t want to be real in other people’s lives. I want to be an apparition.” – Mr. Lagerfeld in 2008 Documentary entitled “Lagerfeld Confidential”.