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Twitter warns about exposed direct messages

Twitter warns its users that there was a bug that exposed direct messages to some third party applications.

Twitter said that the issue started way back in May 2017 and affected at least 1% of its users. The latter consist of individuals and different businesses that are present in the application. However, Twitter announced that in September this year, the bug was found and has finally been resolved.

A spokesperson for Twitter said that the company sent out warnings to users who were affected by the issue and was unlikely that any of the users’ communication was sent to the wrong developers.

An ongoing investigation is being done by Twitter and said that No action from their users is required. A notice that Twitter posted that just messages sent to brand accounts including airlines and delivery services were affected.

While the company is unsure that the affected users were just 1%, they are informing impacted users about the bug.

The company has currently over 335 million active users according to its latest reports that were published July this year.

Twitter emphasized that if their users believe that they are involved in the issue, the company will contact the user immediately. The company also announced a formal apology of the said issue to the affected parties.


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