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U.S privacy law supported by Tech companies

Tech giants embrace data privacy law as massive breaches of personal information leaks over the internet.

Protecting the privacy of individuals while ensuring the free flow of information to promote innovation and growth was one of the main goals of data privacy. Tech giants like Inc., Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc., Twitter, and more support the new federal privacy regulations.

Major technology companies, as well as internet service providers, are backing up the U.S privacy law in which the users are given control over their data including their web browsing history and other consumer data. Users will also have control over how their data is used and enables them to move their own data.

But these companies wanted to let the U.S federal legislation adopt California’s tough privacy law – The California Privacy Act. The law gives the residents of California the right to know and to be informed on what kind of personal data a company is collecting and why they are collecting it. It also comes with the user’s deletion of personal information when they wanted to.

Jerry Brown, California’s Governor, signed the data privacy legislation last June 2018 but big companies like Alphabet’s Google said the law was too burdensome for them. Still, the rules will take effect in 2020.

According to Senator John Thune, chairman of the Commerce Committee, the legislation has a low chance to be approved this year. He also said that there will be a long run for the legislation as many will offer good solutions for data privacy.

Hearings will be expected regarding the said U.S privacy law and Thune wants to hear thoughts from consumer groups.