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Uber is hiring an Auto Safety Official for self-driven cars

Uber is hiring an auto safety official to oversee vehicular safety research to give the green light for self-driven cars to be safe on the road again.

Uber has been seriously taking self-driving vehicles into consideration as a strong addition to their arsenal of services.

Unfortunately for auto-pilot cars, during testing phases in March 2018 for Uber’s self-driven taxi in Arizona, an accident occurred killing a pedestrian who was walking across the street.

Due to this accident, self-driven cars have been labeled as unsafe for the public, and the crash itself was entirely avoidable if a driver was behind the steering wheel.

In addition to Uber’s move, during November 2018, Waymo, a self-driving technology development company which is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, hired former National Transportation Safety Board chair Debbie Hersman as its chief safety officer to oversee the design and production of their safety program.

Meanwhile Uber has also been doubling down on food delivery, starting with groceries in Canada after Uber Eats.

One of the company’s fastest-growing unit, Uber Eats is hiring a head of grocery product so they can start delivering groceries to their customers’ doorstep without having to step a foot outside, waiting for the groceries to arrive.

They boast a speedy delivery of fewer than 30 minutes, ultimately 30 minutes faster than most of the people needing to go out for their groceries and return home.