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Vietnam to Enjoy Uniqlo’s Product by 2019

Uniqlo, a Japanese casual wear manufacturer announced that they will be opening their first store in Vietnam next year.

The clothing retailer has entered the South East Asian Region by storm- with stores in different areas within the region. Their continued growth in the area has gathered a lot of attention as their biggest competitors, H&M and Zara were also paving their way to countries within.

The company had already established a market in other regions- Asia, Europe, Northern America and Australia. Currently, Uniqlo is planning to multiply the number of its stores in the Southeast Asian Region.

Southeast Asia has become the center of growth for most industries for the past few years and with different retailers coming to the region, many are motivated to follow their steps too.

It is evident that the region has a fast-growing economy, just like what Fast Retailing CEO, Tadashi Yanai said, “The Southeast Asia region has been an important driver of growth for us, and we are pleased and optimistic about our opportunity to be a part of such an exciting economy and retail market.”

Along with this, many fans of the brand in Vietnam were waiting for the brand to establish a store in the country.

Now that the company has answered their wish, not for long, they will be able to experience shopping at the brand’s physical store.

Vietnam will be one of the greatest additions to the growing market of the company as their name has been known for quite some time already.

The company can assure that their newest venture will be successful since the brand is already popular in Vietnam even without them being physically present in the country.

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