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VS Industry plans for expansion

VS Industry Berhad, a Malaysian investment holding company is in talks with their clients to affix orders as the firm plans to expand its local production capacity.

The company started its operation in 1982 and was listed in the main market in Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in 1998. It is a leading Integrated Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider in its region. VS Industry holds a ranking alongside with the World’s top 50 global EMS providers for about 10 years, starting from 2007 until 2016.

The company which grew a 4.4% in its net profit that made 38.4 million RM (Malaysian Ringgit) for the fourth quarter that has ended in July this year and along with its revenue that significantly increased to 2.8% that made over 1.01 billion RM.

VR Industry said that the group is positive with its overall prospects in the anticipated growth of the company in the Malaysian Segment.

With the said increase in their revenue, the company is now with a Full Year (FY18) earnings of over 150.77 million RM.

There are reports from traders that a British-billionaire named Sir James Dyson is to bring new investments to Malaysia causing the company to propel Vs Industry’s shares to jump 10 sen or 6.6% that closed in a solid 1.62 RM per share.

The company submitted a proposal to its shareholders containing a final dividend of 0.6 sen a share, but still waiting to be approved.