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WhatsApp Comes Out Strong with its Latest and Upgraded Features

Yesterday, August 1, it was reported that the messaging platform, WhatsApp, will be offering a new experience to its users, particularly those who are in the business industry.

After WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in the year 2014 the development of the said application has been on the run. Now the application has additional features that make it even more useful to its user, especially those who are venturing in the business world.

For the last few months, Facebook was trying to develop a new key industry for the application called, WhatsApp Business. The latter has been under development and on the testing phase until it was announced on Wednesday that it is ready to connect people once again.

WhatsApp Business is focused on linking different businesses to their respective customers. Before the application was released it first needed to go through a lot of process like testing it to 90 different companies and as it seems the result was great.

The features of WhatsApp Business include direct communication between a business and a customer; the company will have the authority to give shipping information as well as giving confirmation to their clients.

In addition, Facebook is making a way for their users to contact businesses- via WhatsApp, in an ad that can be seen by users on their website. Once an interested person clicks on the ad, they will be redirected to WhatsApp where they can contact the business and for the latter to answer their questions.

It might look like WhatsApp is trying to generate income from its new features, especially now that its owner, Facebook, has been under the rock, well a part of it is true but it is more than that.

The company’s top priority since they acquired the WhatsApp is to make it even better and for its growth and development be consistent.