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Who Should Have Been the Next CEO of Papa John’s?

Papa John’s, the world’s third-largest pizza chain has been facing a lot of challenges following the resignation of its founder John Schnatter, but surprisingly the cause of the fuss is the latter.

John Schnatter has given up his position as the chairman of Papa John’s after facing a very sensitive case which involves the use of the “n-word” in a conference call with some important people. This was not the first time Schnatter faced such issues as he was also under the spotlight last November for a certain matter involving the National Football League.

Just recently after stepping down, the founder sued the company for not giving the right documents regarding his resignation. Schnatter’s side said that they want to study and analyze the documents thoroughly, due to the way Papa John’s new management has treated him.

The company has allegedly refused to clear and correct the wrong information on why Schnatter has given up his position as chairman and CEO. They are claiming that the company is using the current issue to avoid being in the spotlight so that their shortcomings will not be noticed by the media and grab the attention of the crowd.

Though, a representative from the company said that the lawsuit is not necessary, and it just caused a commotion and made them quite sad and disappointed by the action of Schnatter. The company’s reaction to the case that Schnatter is being used as a scapegoat made a few people confused as the pizza chain claims that it was them who was being used to get out of the situation and not the other way around.

Following these events, Schnatter said in a statement that the current CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie is not suitable for the job. Saying that Ritchie may have the ability to run other corporations but not this one. By this statement of the pizza chain’s founder, many are left with the question of who should have been the right CEO for the company.

Papa John’s management answered by saying that they will not be distracted by this wrong statements and keep doing what they are best at. They will do everything to maintain their status in the industry and make it even successful.