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Who Would Lead Spotify’s Next Desired Content to Success?

Last Tuesday, June 26, Spotify announced to hire a new Chief Content Officer.

Spotify, a Sweden-based streaming service, has recently hired Dawn Ostroff, former President, Entertainment of The CW and President, Condé Nast Entertainment, as their new Chief Content Officer.

Ostroff is known for being the key executive behind “America’s Next Top Model” and “Gossip Girl”. She also became the head of all prime-time programming for the CW. Which is known to house the popular series “Smallville” and “Gossip Girl”.

Though Ostroff, does not have much background on music-streaming services, Spotify still chose her to take the role. Spotify believed that Ostroff will be a great addition to their team, considering her background.

Ostroff runs the video operation of Conde Nast Entertainment for seven years now. She was the one who produced the movies “Only the Brave” and “Invisible”. And since, Spotify wants to explore the world of original video, they hired Ostroff as she is best qualified for the job.

Spotify not having any background on original video creation and Ostroff not having a lot of experience on music-streaming industry might not look like a good combination. But still, Spotify hopes that Ostroff will be able to bring success to them with her great ideas.

On a different view, this is a good strategy as they can exchange knowledge from their industry.

Nonetheless, many are still surprised by this hire, given that Apple Music, Spotify’s number one competitor, has gained a lot of their subscribers in the previous year. Apple is also gaining a lot from their original video as this includes Oprah Winfrey and more, which gives their music and video subscription service a boost.

With that, Spotify is planning to bring back the subscribers they have lost from last year.

Hiring Ostroff can be considered as the first step, and a great idea for that matter, as she is a veteran on her field, the one that Spotify wants to explore. And even though they have no idea on what the results might be, they have high hopes for the success of their current project.