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Windows 7 Further Security Updates Available Until 2023

Corporate Vice President for Office and Windows Marketing, Jared Spataro commented on a larger announcement posted on the 6th of September regarding the state of Windows 7 user base and how “Microsoft will help customers shift to a modern desktop”.

Last February, Microsoft made it clear that they will stop supporting Windows 7 for good on January 2020. That is if one is not willing to pay a monthly fee to continue receiving security updates until 2023.

Known as “Windows 7 ESU”, the Extended Security Updates will be available as a per-device basis on 2020. The monthly fee needed to receive this feature will increase in price up until the service is completely suspended.

In other words, you’ll have to pay for any Windows 7 devices in your household separately if you wish to avail for the ESU service.

Ever since the release of Windows 10 last 2015, many contemplated upgrading due to its Privacy concerns, or this Reddit post pointing out how utterly broken Windows 10 was.

But eventually, users migrated towards the new OS after countless and continuous updates to fix issues, albeit slowly. Meanwhile, some users did not plan to upgrade for the past 3 years either due to the above problems or outright can’t due to the risk of existing programs on their systems malfunctioning.

However, we can’t blame Microsoft for this decision when you recall how they were overextending official support on Windows XP for free, released in 2001 which was supposed to be succeeded by Windows Vista in 2007, well past its official shutdown and not wanting to repeat the same kerfuffle with Windows 7.