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Xbox console’s new “Project Scarlett” is coming next year

Microsoft’s Xbox console announces details of its next-gen console and Xbox One successor called “Project Scarlett”.

After the success of Xbox One, Microsoft is again taking its Xbox fans to another gaming experience with its “Project Scarlett” which is to be released next year. The announcement happened at their Xbox E3 2019 conference held in Los Angeles where Microsoft is digging deep on its next-gen console.

With custom-designed hardware by AMD with its lates Zen 2 processing unit and a new Navi graphics architecture, Project Scarlett is said to be 4x more powerful than Xbox One X. Microsoft calls it as ‘the future of gaming’.

“A console should be built and optimized for one thing and one thing only: Gaming,” said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. The new console supports 8K gaming and 120 frames per second which according to Microsoft’s employee, a ‘frame rates we’ve never seen before.’ Project Scarlett also uses a new generation SSD as virtual RAM. The company also uses high bandwidth GDDR6 system memory to boost performance.

Along with the launch of Project Scarlett in 2020 is the company’s upcoming space war game, ‘Halo Infinite‘. “We have thousands of games in development across Xbox One and Windows PC,” said Spencer.

With all these specs and promising features, Microsoft, however, did not reveal how the new console would look like or its intended price.