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A Growth in Online Recruitment on Southeast Asian Countries

Technological advancement has become one of the most important criteria in the industry. Now, many countries, one of which are those in Southeast Asia, are depending on digital transformation. This is due to the fact that the number of online recruitment has increased rapidly.

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Most companies or businesses in the Southeast Asian Region has started to adapt to the changes in the industry. Changes in the recruitment process have become very essential as this keeps businesses on the competition.

Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines have continuously grown in terms of recruitment. This is due to the digital transformation that is currently paving its way to the recruitment industry.

Seeking the right candidate has become a competition as businesses start to innovate and adapt to the technological way of recruitment.  The result of this competition will be in the hands of the recruiters. So, as early as now it would be great to supply their employees with ample support and training to as how they will be able to adapt to the new recruitment process.

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Most countries in the ASEAN Region is greatly affected by this evolution.

Singapore is one of the leading countries in terms of the recruitment industry.  Though, it was recorded, these past few months, that the demand for HR talents has stayed the same as it was in the past year. And a record also states that it declined on the month of March. But, with digital transformation, the country can turn it around and get back on track.

On the other hand, the Philippines has continued to pave its way as the demand for HR talents in the country continues to grow. It can be said that the Philippines has started great at the beginning of the competition for skilled HR talents. This is due to the great increase in the number of online recruitment in their country.

Lastly, Malaysia has experienced a slow growth in the HR industry. The country has recorded an annual decrease at the beginning of the year. Therefore, businesses in the HR industry should prioritize technological transformation.

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