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Alibaba acquired data Artisans for $103 million

China’s Alibaba Group Holdings buys Data Artisans – a German data analysis startup firm for 90 million euros ($103 million) and describe it as “deepening of the partnership”.

The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group tend to expand its e-commerce in emerging markets. Their acquisition of the German-based company Data Artisans marks the full takeover by a Chinese company in Berlin.

Data Artisans was founded in 2014. The company provides services that deploy large-scale data processing technology that is open source. They developed the Apache Flink in the open source. They provide a dA Platform, with open source Apache Flink and Application Manager, to the enterprise which enables high-throughput and low-latency solutions for event-driven applications.

Alibaba has been a customer of data Artisans since 2016 and is the biggest users of Flink. Apache Fink was a successful outcome which started with a research at the Technical University of Berlin in 2009 and eventually became a top level project.

Jingren Zhou, Vice President for Alibaba Group, said that the new deal with data Artisans will be a “win-win” for Alibaba and the community at large. According to him, they are confident that this strategic tie-in will further strengthen the growth of the Flink community, accelerate the data-processing technologies, and help bolster an open collaborative and constructive environment for global developers who are passionate about stream processing and enabling real-time applications for modern enterprise by leveraging the technology expertise of both teams and shared passion.

Since Alibaba has been working with data Artisans, the co-founders of data Artisans Stephen Ewen and Kostas Tzoumas states that Alibaba has made numerous contributions to the Flink codebase over the last 2 years.

Both companies describe the acquisition as “deepening of the partnership.” Terms of the deal were not disclosed.