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Apple’s iCloud 4-hour outage

This week, Google’s Gmail and Google Drive experienced a worldwide outage. Then yesterday, Facebook and Instagram experienced the longest outage in their history. Apparently, it was Apple’s turn.

It’s the third major tech disruption this week. The company reported ongoing issues in almost all of its iCloud services last Thursday. The company’s status dashboard was blanketed in yellow warning notes and according to Apple’s System Status dashboard, 20 different services are affected by the outage.

iCloud sign in, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, iWork for iCloud, Backup, Mail, Keychain, iCloud Drive file storage, Photos, Notes, Reminders, Find My iPhone, Back to My Mac, Find My Friends, Mail Drop, Apple News, and more were the features that were affected.

Most of the users who were having problems can’t access the service and others are having issues with email or file back-ups. Apple has not stated what caused the outage, only stating “some users are affected” and “users may be unable to access this service”.The disruption lasted from 11 pm to 3:28 am (GMT+8).

This week has been a bad week for the internet having 3 major tech outage, with the three biggest tech names. Given that all experienced the longest disruption they had in history, it’s rather tempting for outside observers to think that these are all related but there is no way to prove it after Facebook announced that their widespread outage was not a result of a cyber-attack, but due to server configuration changes.

Regardless to say, people can’t stop to speculate that these are all related. Suspicious don’t you think?