The BPO Industry in 2017

BPO Industry featured image

Looking back at the success of the Business Process Outsourcing industry certainly has opened up a lot of opportunities for the economy and became a platform for various careers for the professional workforce.

But with certain changes and external factors that can affect the industry, how is it seen to stay afloat through the year 2017?

With the increase and potential investment that the industry is receiving, booming job opportunities for career professionals, and rapid growth of getting attention globally – the forecasts for the BPO industry is relatively positive.

Several business and multinational companies still turn to the Philippines to set-up business and continually evolve and accommodate other business needs and solutions world-wide.

As the industry evolves and expands locally, this also creates platforms for other industries like the finance industry and IT/software industry – as it becomes a complementary vertical to one another and working side-by-side in order to become productive and produce results.

The Philippines, being well-known for the success it received and accomplished with regard to the BPO industry, it has also become well-known for the emergence of the KPO or Knowledge-Process Outsourcing industry.

Apart from these industries – the country is also getting traction in being known for what is now called Creative Process Outsourcing (CPO) – this industry focuses on a more interactive specialization such as web development, 3D animation, video game development, music and film engineering, and various design opportunities like digital architecture and industrial design.

Through these variations and emerging businesses certainly helps brand the BPO industry in a better light and eliminates the stigma of what has been perceived in previous years.

The bottomline here is that the BPO industry will continue to grow, progress, and soar not only in 2017 but also in the years to come.