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Thousands of Australian Taxi drivers sued Uber for illegal operation

The world’s largest ride-hailing company Uber Technologies was accused of illegal operation in Australia.

According to the filed class action, Uber drivers in Australia was not properly licensed and do not have a decent permit. Over 6000 drivers and licensed taxi drivers joined the said action. Lawyers from Maurice Blackburn Law firm backed up the action.

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Andrew Watson, National Head of Class Actions                                                     Credits: www.mauriceblackburn.com.au/

Andrew Watson, National Head of Class Actions at Maurice Blackburn said, “Make no mistake, this will be a landmark case regarding the alleged illegal operations of Uber in Australia and the devastating impact that has had on the lives of hard-working and law-abiding citizens here.”

“It is not acceptable for a business to place itself above the law and operate illegally to the disadvantage of others,” Watson added.

The class action appealed that the ride-hailing company used a program to bypass the implemented rules. This move taken by Uber made a bias competition against taxi drivers and hiring operators who obeyed the law.

A taxi driver named Nick Andrianakis said Uber took away his livelihood. “My father owned and drove cabs, so it’s been an industry and job that’s in my blood and that I’ve loved my whole life–then suddenly that was all taken away because of the impact of Uber’s illegal activities. I can clearly remember the day it all became too much–I just stopped driving that day and had to go home to be with my wife. It’s a shocking thing to think of a life’s work being stripped away from you, but this is what’s happened to thousands of people nationwide,” Nick said.

A spokeswoman of Uber said that the company did not receive any notice about the class action. “Over 3.8 million Australians regularly use Uber as a reliable choice to get from A to B and governments across the country have recognized ridesharing as part of the transport mix,” she said in response.

“We are focusing our efforts on delivering a great service to riders and drivers in the cities where we operate,” she continued.