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Apple is yet to lose another Executive in April

Apple’s retail chief, Angela Ahrendts will depart from the company after five years of service for new personal and professional pursuits.

Angela Ahrendts, Vice President of retail at Apple, is set to depart from the company in April. Apple did not give a reason for the said departure of Ahrendts. Instead, the company said that the departure is for ‘personal and professional pursuits.’

Ahrendts joined Apple in 2014 after being the Chief Executive Officer of the luxury fashion brand Burberry in 2006. During her regime at Apple, Ahrendts has taken a big part of the revamp of Apple Store.

Ahrendts was a surprise choice when she joined Apple. Ahrendts, joining Apple, was addressed as “The most Important Hire of Tim Cook”. Her experience and leadership bring Apple store to what she imagined as ‘modern-day town square.’ She also made a total of $26.6 million in Apple’s fiscal 2018.

Taking Ahrendts’s role is Apple’s current human resource leader, Deirdre O’Brien. O’Brien has been with Apple for more than 30 years now. Though O’Brien will be moving up to another role, she will still lead Apple’s HR team.

Ahrendts said that her stint at Apple is the most stimulating, challenging and fulfilling part of her career and there was no better time to pass the baton to O’Brien. She also hinted about her, turning back to fashion, saying that there are things about the fashion industry that she miss.
Ahrendts’s departure comes after Apple tries to reverse slide in sales of its iPhones.