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Blue Canyon Technologies to supply X-SAT for Made In Space’s Mission

Made In Space taps Blue Crayon Technologies to supply satellite buses for its Archinaut One on-orbit mission scheduled to launch in 2022.

Blue Canyon Technologies (BCT) is a leading provider of turnkey small satellite solutions, including nanosatellites, microsatellites, and ESPA-class. The company specializes in precision pointing platforms based upon their high-performance attitude determination and control components.

As per the agreement, BCT will be providing the X-SAT, BCT’s largest satellite bus, for Archinaut One – Made in Space’s on-orbit mission. Archinaut is a technology project developing the necessary additive manufacturing technology to build large-scale structures in space.

“The implications of our ability to conduct 3D printing in space are endless and we’re proud to partner with Made In Space to make the mission a reality,” said George Stafford, Founder and CEO of BCT.

Founded in 2008, The company designs, manufactures, tests, and operates small spacecraft, including airspace components and system buses. It offers products, such as XB3 Spacecraft, XB6 Spacecraft, XB12 Spacecraft, Microsoft Spacecraft, attitude control systems, star trackers, reaction wheels, and power systems.

“More and more we’re finding that out spacecraft bus capabilities are enabling increasingly innovative technologies, changing the new space frontier and how we can leverage it,” added Stafford.

Prior to delivering the X-SAT buses satellite buses to Made In Space, BCT will make sure to properly test the bus, said Brian Cum, Spacecraft System Engineer at BCT, via email. BCT though declined to comment regarding the contract.

“Given the size of spacecraft that we develop and specialize in, and at that price point, it really lends itself to these Demonstrations Missions that are follow-on to operational concepts,” said Brian in an interview with Techcrunch.

“We are a good solution for testing out concepts, and we get approached quite a bit for that […] we get a lot of interesting ideas of people wanting to try things, and this is definitely one of them,” added Brian.

BCT has expanded in recent years as demand for satellite components is rapidly growing. The company has been building more than 60 spacecraft for government, commercial, and even the academic missions.

“There are definitely more people that have appetite for risk,” Brian said. “We are growing because the demand for the spacecraft is growing, that the simple answer. We’re hiring the right people to support these programs, and the number of programs is greatly increasing. Along with that, as we grow larger and size, they become more complex, which means they need a little bit more effort. So there’s a little bit more engineering that goes into them as well,” said Brian.

About Made In Space

Made In Space is the space-based manufacturing company that develops the 3D printers onboard the International Space Station.  It is developing breakthrough manufacturing technologies for space and terrestrial spin-offs.

The goal of the company is to radically change the way people do space missions today by building everything they need for space, in space. Made In Space’s Vision is to pioneer sustainable space infrastructure to support its customers’ missions, promote national security and drive exploration objectives through advanced space manufacturing.

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