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Facebook launches Linov in Jakarta, Indonesia

Linov or Lab Innovation Indonesia is a facility that aims to provide space for communities to gather, located at CoHive Plaza Asia, Senayan, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

Following the launch of RuKi or Ruang Komunal community hub last year, Linov is the social media giant’s second community center in Indonesia. The difference between the two facilities is that RuKi is focusing more on social communities while Linov is expected to cater to startups and developers in the information and communications technology space.

Both Linov and RuKi are part of an ecosystem hub programme designed by Facebook for communities to grow in both online and offline platforms. Indonesia is the only country to be given the “hangout spot” community by Facebook. Since Indonesia has one of the biggest Facebook users around the globe, Facebook Indonesia’s head of policy Ruben Hattari asserted that the two hubs are a form of the company’s commitment to providing an added value to its customers, aside from the existing online platform.

Hattari also added, “On Facebook, we saw more and more communities gather to discuss all sort of topics, so we started thinking about what we can do to support them on the offline side.”

Linov and RuKi can be used to gather for free, the community only needs to register itself through the said sites. Facebook will even provide supporting amenities such as a mini kitchen with snacks and beverages. The hub will have regular training, workshops, as well as mentorship opportunities with Facebook and industry experts.

“At Lab Innovation, startup founders, developers, and innovators are able to collaborate, learn, and exchange ideas to help them develop their skills and network,” Hattari said.