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Faster and and more protected Firefox with Mozilla’s latest update

Mozilla engineering team have been working hard to make the browser faster and more secure for everyone.

Firefox version 67 is now available in Windows, macOS and Linux. The latest version loads Instagram, Amazon, and Google up to 40-80 percent quicker. According to the team, Firefox now offers better performance.

The team also announced the general availability of the WebRender, a major revision of the Firefox rendering architecture. WebRender uses the same kind of GPU-based acceleration techniques used by games.

Firefox 67 uses time management strategy. It loads pages with essential content first postponing non-essential scripts and will withhold empty pages.

“A single backend that we control means bringing hardware acceleration to more of our users: we run the same code across Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, and we’re much better equipped to work around driver bugs and avoid blacklisting. It also moves GPU work out of the content process which will let us have stricter sandboxing in the content process,” said Jessie Bonisteel, Engineering Manager at Mozilla.

The updated version also offers new features including a fully accessible browser toolbar designed to make the web available to more users.

Firefox also updated thier privacy controls and protection. One of the most intriguing privacy features is the browser’s capability of blocking fingerprint and cryptomining scripts that tries to use your CPU for cryptocurrency purposes.

With this update, Mozilla has now a high chance of competing with Chrome.