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Gigster Chief Executive Officer Roger Dickey leaves his post

Roger Dickey featured image

Co-founder and CEO of Gigster, Roger Dickey, announces his departure to the company to build a startup company called Untitled Labs.

Roger Dickey’s heart was always in consumer tech and recently, he decided to leave his post as a CEO of Gigster, a website which allows users to get tech projects built on demand. He co-founded the company together with Debo Olaosebikan.

Gigster’s mission is to accelerate the delivery of digital transformation applications, giving companies the agility to thrive in a software-defined world. They envision the best ideas flourish and provide great choices for customers to enrich their lives.

Gigster believes that the best software will be built by those who are inspired by their work, can choose their work environment, and are rewarded for pure contribution – in the company of equally passionate colleagues.

The startup company just raised $32 million and already reached 1000 clients. But this does not change Dickey’s decision to leave. As a consumer tech, he is now launching a consumer application idea lab called “Untitled Labs”.

Dickey, together with the founding team of Untitled Labs, is driven to build beautiful and valuable technology products that can reach large audiences. The said startup will be starting off with a $2.8 million fund.

Dickey said that he loved learning about B2B, but over the years he realized that his true passion is in consumer and said that he kinda got the itch to try something new.

Meanwhile, Debo Olaosebikan, co-founder and CTO of Gigster, will stay with the company in which he will be facing a more public role.