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Instagram removes the ‘like-counter’ feature to more countries

After testing a new update to Canada, Instagram hides the total number of likes to each post to six more countries.

A few months ago, Instagram announced its plans on a new update that would no longer show the total number of “likes” a post had gained. Though, a user may see and monitor the names of everyone who hearted his post.

Likes may boost one’s confidence but may pull down others as well for its impact on society becomes so severe already. It already served as a filtering method that ranks posts from the most liked to those who were not given enough attention in one’s feed.

With few words of how the tests are going so far, it shows that they’re going well enough of expanding the update. Canada was the first country the update has rolled out, it’ll roll out to six more countries; Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

Moving on to Canada, the first testing country of the said update, the likes had returned to their feed. Though Instagram confirmed that there is still ongoing testing in Canada. On the other hand, the likes are gone again in Canada as of July 17.

Instagram answered the question, why do they hide likes having the response as “because [they] want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get.”

To expound it, likes are made public, people focus on it too much. Users perceive it as success metrics, others even buy likes to gain admiration. Now, post creators seem to publicize something that only looks enticing. The tendencies are, posts that don’t get enough likes would be deleted to some up all their photos are of fame.

The update aims to regain self-expression instead of using the platform as a popularity poll on Instagram. Ignoring the likes counter feature fosters authenticity and might encourage people to be more willing to post their true identities.