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Introducing the Android Auto’s new improved look

Android Auto’s ‘dark mode’ for a safer driving expirience.

Android Auto is a powerful feature by Google which mirrors features from an Android device to a car’s compatible in-dash information and entertainment head unit. Android Auto is commonly deployed through an Android smartphone. Once connected to the head unit, it mirrors compatible features from the device to the vehicle’s display. It supports GPS mapping/navigation, music playback, SMS, telephone, and web search.

According to Android Auto’s Product Manager for Android Auto, Rod Lopez, Android Auto is designed to help drivers drive easier and safer. As the app aims for a safer driving experience, Android Auto introduced the ‘dark mode’ interface.

The new design features a dark theme and colored new fonts that’ll help drivers to have a clearer glimpse of the app’s contents. It also improved its navigation bar that’ll show more useful information to get the driver more focused and hit the road faster and safer at the same time.

As for the car’s screen, Android Auto made an adjustment to keep the app more adaptable to the size of the screen. This adjustment will give the driver a full display of information regardless of the car screen size.

Launched on March 19, 2015, Android Auto is already available to almost 500 car models from 50 different brands, in 36 countries.