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Jomar Ang dies at 26 – Black Saturday, April 11

San Miguel Corporation’s President Ramon Ang’s son, Jomar Ang, dies at the age of 26.

It has been a sad black Saturday for the Ang family as they mourned the death of one of their family members, Jomar Ang. Ramon Ang, San Miguel Corporation President, together with his wife Tessie, sadly announces the passing of their son Ramon Ang, Saturday, April 11.

Here is the official statement from the family:

Our beloved son, Jomar, passed away peacefully on Saturday, April 11, 2020. It has been a painful experience, but we have been comforted by the expression of love and sympathy sent to us in so many ways.

We appreciate all the kind thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being with us during this difficult time.

While we know that many of you who kept him in your thoughts would have wanted to attend his funeral, we decided it was best to have a private service to celebrate his life on Easter Sunday.

Jomar was a dutiful, loving, and kind-hearted son, brother, and a loyal and dedicated friend to many. He was a source of great joy to us and we are truly blessed to have had his love and presence in our lives. We know in our hearts that he is in a much better place now.

—Ramon and Tessie Ang

Jomar Ang was just 26-year-old. He had served as Chief Financial Officer of BMW distributor RSA Motors. He was also involved in San Miguel Global Power Holdings.

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He was also a sports enthusiast, who was a member of the Ateneo de Manila University’s (ADMU) judo team during his college years, and was also seen karting with his younger brother Jacob Ang often.

Back in January, Jomar suffered a major accident and was rushed into the hospital. Rumors started circulating that he was already dead, but the family ended the hoax immediately.

Our prayers are with the Ang family as they go through this sad and difficult time.