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Meet the newest platform ‘Happy Tools’ by Automattic

The web development corporation Automattic introduced a new platform called ‘Happy Tools’.

Automattic, known for WordPress.com, is launching another suite of products which they describe as “Future of Work”.

Happy tools offer ‘Happy Schedule‘ as it’s first product. Happy Schedule helps distributed teams to oversee their employee schedules, as well as customer support.

Happy Schedule featured image
Credits: https://happy.tools/ (Happy Schedule)

According to a blog posted by WordPress.com, Happy Schedule is “designed to handle the complexities that come up when business goals are planned around real-world schedules, it helps you treat your employees like humans instead of resources.”

Automattic is able to plan 24/7 customer support through the use of Happy Schedule. As stated in the Happy Tools website, Happy Schedule caters to a team to get a schedule that works around them instead of having their team work around a strict schedule.

Matt Wondra, Product lead of Happy Tools said “Ideas about releasing our internal tools have been kicking around Automattic for years, but it’s been about finding the right moment and the right product to lead with. When we started building Happy Schedule a year ago we realized that designing a tool for our own scheduling needs also filled a clear gap in the [workforce management] landscape.”

For Automattic which has over 850 people across 68 countries, this is just the beginning. More Happy Tools features will be released by Automattic. “Beyond that, we’ll look at other applications Automattic has already built to help with team communication, people-management, and customer support,” Wondra added.

Happy Tools offers a 30-day free trial for its users.