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Microsoft’s camera, Azure Kinect AI is now entering US and China

Microsoft launched Azure-powered Kinect camera in February, at a Mobile World Congress. Now, the developer kit is made available for pre-order to the U.S and China.

Azure Kinect DK is a developer kit with advanced AI sensors for developers to have a sophisticated computer vision and speech models.  The Azure Kinect is a new camera system to create a 3D camera for enterprises that leverages the company’s chronic 3D imaging technology.

The Azure Kinect DK camera system costs $399 that comes in a 1MP depth camera with 12MP RGB camera, 360-degree microphone and an orientation sensor. The kit is made available for shipping to pre-order customers in the regions of the U.S. and China.

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Azure Kinect is all about business. This platform gives developers an area for experimentations with AI tools and plugs into Azure’s ecosystem of machine learning services. But when it comes to its original Kinect, that was available as an Xbox gaming accessory that never quite caught on.

The device serves as a gateway to capture and leverage its Azure solutions to collect that data. The company noted in its press, the same time-of-flight sensor for the second generation of its HoloLens AR visor was used for the Azure Kinect DK. Microsoft also noted that developers may build sophisticated speech solutions with its microphone array.

“Azure Kinect is an intelligent edge device that doesn’t just see and hear but understands the people, the environment, the objects and their actions,” said Azure VP Julia White during the Mobile World Congress kickoff event last February. “The level of accuracy you can achieve is unprecedented.”

The company device is an easy portal to discover and experiment on sensing and machine learning.