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Online Pharmacy Netmeds acquires booking system KiviHealth

Netmeds Marketplace announced that they had acquired KiviHealth to expand its healthcare product and service company.

Netmeds, an Indian Online Pharmacy where a customer can order prescription or medicines acquired KiviHealth, online booking of appointments to the best doctors in India. KiviHealth’s mission is to give affordable and accessible healthcare throughout India.

Founded in 2015 by Bhanu Mahajan and Rajandeep Singh, KiviHealth currently handles over 2 million patient records and caters to over 2,000 doctors through its platform. It was also said that KiviHealth has about 3,100 hospitals and health centers in its system.

Pradeep Dadha, Founder and CEO said, “We continue to develop a well-rounded healthcare ecosystem around Netmeds. The acquisition of KiViHealth is an example of an innovative, technology-powered, next-generation health care application that caters to the needs of a modern-day doctor. With this acquisition, adds to the portfolio of technology-driven solutions as it transforms the brand into a complete healthcare product and service company.”

KiviHealth’s platform is a cloud-based and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can help boost Netmeds’s products and services. The deal was not yet closed but Netmeds said that they are willing to invest $10 million on KiviHealth.

“Both doctors and consumers are critical to the healthcare value chain, and with this acquisition, we are getting closer to the healthcare service providers, and creating digital touch points in the ecosystem. The platform not only creates a digital patient health record repository with the digital prescription pad but also powers day-to-day operations such as appointment booking, invoicing and medicine inventory management,” Dadha added.
According to Netmeds, they already served more than 3.7 million customers as of March 2019.