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Pandora launches it new feature “Pandora Stories”

Music streaming platform Pandora releases a new feature called “Pandora Stories” lets artists and creators create their own podcast to reach out with their listeners.

Pandora, a music streaming and automated music recommendation internet radio service powered by the Music Genome Project launched its version of stories called “Pandora Stories” where artists and creators can add voice tracks to their own playlist. The new feature lets artists explain what the song meaning is or even their inspiration on writing the song.

Pandora officially introduced the Pandora Stories in their twitter account saying they’ve combined the storytelling possibilities of podcasts with the musical power of playlist. Introducing Pandora Stories – a new way for artist & creators of all kinds to connect with their fans in their own words, using the power of music.

Pandora Stories is a part of the Pandora AMP, the streaming service’s free Artist Marketing Platform which helps creators promote their work.

Chris Phillips, Chief Product Officer at Pandora said in a statement that Pandora Stories exemplifies their commitment to continually innovate for both their listeners and for artist an creators of all kinds using the power of music and audio storytelling tools.

The feature is the most recent effort from the music streaming service to bring more podcast offerings to its users. Pandora is still experimenting with a new platform that gives artists authority over how their music can be understood.

Premium subscribers of Pandora can hear Stories ad-free while non-Premium users can hear Stories after viewing a 30-second sponsored clip.

So far, there are already six artists who created their stories including John Legend, Daddy Yankee, Perry Farrell, Lauren Alaina, Randall Poster and Tommy Brenneck.