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Play with your friends through Snapchat’s new gaming platform

The short time photo-sharing app Snapchat welcomes gamers to its newly launched gaming platform.

The rivalry between social media giants has always been a tough competition. Among these giants are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. But some features are distinct between them. ‘Stories’, a feature that lets a user share a moment for 24 hours, for example, is also integrated with Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

To keep up with the competition, Snapchat recently launched a gaming platform that enables its users to play games live and play with their friends. Snapchat officially announced the launch of the gaming platform at its Partner Summit in Los Angeles.

Evan Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of Snapchat said, “Our camera lets the natural light of the world penetrate the darkness of the internet. The internet started as a military research project — it’s just not our natural habitat.”

“As we use the internet more and more in our daily lives, we need a way to make it a bit more human. The Snapchat camera allows people to use computing in their natural environment, the real world,” Spiegel noted.

‘Bitmoji Party’, the first and original game of Snapchat, lets a small group of users play challenging mini-games together. The game is a part of the company’s effort to expand in the gaming industry.

This move by Snapchat is aimed to attract more users and to let users stay longer on the app. As part of the move, Snapchat also named Luke Muscat, the designer of Fruit Ninja, to be the creative director of the Snap game studio.

Will Wu, director of product and head of Snap Games acknowledged the essence of friendship saying “Friendship is more than just the things you chat about. Friendship is also about experiences you have together.”

“Last year, mobile gaming was a $77 billion industry. It’s hard to get everybody to install the same game, then find friends to play with, and it’s hard to chat. There’s way too much friction.” Wu added.

Director of originals programming Vanessa Guthrie also said, “Snapchat is a place where you connect with your closest friends. It’s personal and intimate, and our originals tell stories in the very same way.”

The said games will be monetized through a non-skippable six-second ad. According to John Imah, global head of gaming partnerships & strategy at Snap, their partners have designed and engineered the games exclusively. But said they want to give their partners more than just an audience. “We’re also launching a new ad experience within games so that all of our partners will see monetization from day one. Over time, we’ll be looking to expand the revenue potential as we work together,” he added.

Alphabear Hustle from SpryFox, Snake Squad from Game, Tiny Royale from Zynga, Zombie Rescue Squad from PikPok, C.A.T.S. (Crash Arena Turbo Stars) Drift Race from ZeptoLab are some of the games included in the platform.