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Pokémon GO creates Player vs. Player Battling System less tappy

A year ago, Niantic, Pokemon Go’s creator, added a player-versus-player feature that later on became boring with its tapping moves. Now, the company is working on a change in the said feature.

Three years ago, July 6, 2016, Pokemon Go was launched to the regions of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. It was then deployed to over 26 other countries after a few days and to more countries within two years.

The augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go originated with a single player that can be controlled as players move geographically in search of pokemon to be theirs. Last year, 2018, Pokémon GO added probably the most wanted feature of the game, a player-to-player battling system. This feature received positive greetings, but on the later part, players marked the feature tedious already. It only required players to tap repetitively.

Repetitive taps to the screen make players’ Pokémon attack simultaneously increasing its “Charge” move with each tap. To release the said charge, there is a special button on the screen to vent off the move, after the release, the more and fast tap makes the move more powerful. The same concept is performed repeatedly until the battle ends.

Niantic announced that they are considering its features again and said that they are giving efforts of changing something on it. In its battling system, the core mechanics would still be the same, the change would fall on the ‘charge’ collection as it would require lesser taps, instead, it would just be about accurate swiping. Once the charge move is released, players will just swipe their finger across a trail of icons falling across the screen. The more icons collected within a specified time, the more powerful attacks will be.