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YouTube helps its creators earn more money with additional features

The video-sharing website YouTube continues to create more alternatives for its creators to gain more money with their videos.

One of YouTube features allows its users to upload their videos on the site. Most of the content on the website are uploaded by individuals and media corporations. YouTube and selected creators earn money by the views they got from the video they uploaded.

In 2010, YouTube creator Hank Green created VidCon, a multi-genre online video conference held annually in Southern California. In celebration of VidCon’s 10th anniversary, Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer of YouTube took the stage to highlight how the video-sharing platform continues to support its creators.

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In 2017, YouTube launched Super Chat – a payable service that allows viewers to pin comments on live streams. YouTube claims that more than 90,000 channels use Super Chat and that some streams bring in $400 per minute.

“For over 20,000 channels on YouTube, Super Chat is now the primary means of revenue generation,” Mohan told The Verge.

With the success of Super Chat, YouTube presents a new feature – ‘Super Stickers‘. Super Stickers allows fans to buy animated stickers during live streams and Premieres to show their love to their favorite creators.

“Stickers will come in a variety of designs across different languages and categories, such as gaming, fashion and beauty, sports, music, food, and more. These stickers are fun, and we can’t wait for you to use them in the coming months!” said Mohan.

YouTube is also adding some features with their Channel Membership service. Fans are paying a monthly fee of $4.99 to get badges, new emojis, and access to special benefits in Channel Membership. The additional feature which YouTube calls it ‘Membership Levels‘, creators can now arrange five different price points for channel membership.

YouTube’s Teespring Merch self that allows creators to sell their own merch to their fans directly from their channel is also getting an additional feature. YouTube is adding 5 more new partners – Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent, and Rooster Teeth. Qualified creators merchandising with these 5 partners can also use the Merch shelf.

Furthermore, Mohan also introduced the ‘Learning Playlist‘ – a feature that is dedicated to people for learning purposes.

“New organizational features will provide more structure, dividing a collection of videos into chapters around key concepts, starting from beginner to more advanced. Additionally, recommendations will be hidden from the watch page, allowing the viewer to focus on the lesson at hand. We understand the importance of getting this right, so we will start with content from a handful of our most trusted partners, like Khan Academy, TED-Ed and Crash Course, testing a variety of categories from professional skills like working in Java, to academic topics such as chemistry,” Mohan stated.

In the past year, YouTube test a feature called YouTube Giving, a fundraising tool for creators to use their voice in supporting charities. Now, Mohan said that the fundraising tool will no longer be in Beta but will be available to thousands of creators in the U.S.