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ZTE opens Cybersecurity lab Europe in Brussels

ZTE Corporation continues to display its commitment to the ICT industry security with the launch of the new Cybersecurity Lab Europe in Brussels.

The Chinese Telecom giant ZTE has an answer to the growing threat of spying. The launch of the ZTE’s Cybersecurity lab Europe comes after fellow and rival Chinese telecom company Huawei opened a similar lab in Belgian capital four months ago.

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The lab is a part of furthering ZTE’s commitment to improving security in the ICT industry. “The Cybersecurity Lab Europe will provide a much wider range of access to the external security verification of ZTE’s products, services and processes, and will facilitate the external cooperation in security field with stakeholders,” ZTE stated.

Zhong Hong, ZTE’s Chief Security Officer said, “ZTE’s original intention of the Cybersecurity Lab Europe is to provide global customers, regulators and other stakeholders with great transparency by means of verification and communication.”

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“ZTE plans to gradually achieve the cybersecurity goals through three steps: first, meeting the requirements of cybersecurity laws, regulations and industry standards as well as certification schemes; second, conducting an open dialogue to enhance transparency and establishing cooperation with customers as well as regulatory agencies; and third, sustaining the open cooperation mechanism to contribute to cybersecurity standardization,” said Zhong.

Chinese network vendors have been scrutinized over spying. Huawei, which was blacklisted by the U.S., continues to fight the spying allegations.

“The security for the ICT industry cannot be guarded by one sole vendor, or by one sole telecoms operator. ZTE is willing to play an important role in contributing to the industry’s security along with its customers and all other stakeholders,” Zhong added.

Devoted to providing its customers with end-to-end secure products and services, ZTE has also launched two other cybersecurity labs in Nanjing, China and Rome, Italy in May.