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12 Mistakes I Made My First Year as an Entrepreneur

1. Almost quit the Job
2. Trying to become CEO too early
3. Trying to take advice from too many people
4. Not knowing how to ask for advice
5. Forcing Vs. Influencing
6. Living the dream too early
7. Listen in here for one of the biggest temptations on first year in business
8. Thinking I knew it all
9. Listen in here to learn what I did too hard
10. Acting like a boss instead of an employee
11. Not having a schedule
12. Not knowing the value of a business plan

Now in your first year of business, you don’t need a traditional business plan, but you do need a plan. Your plan should include actionable items such as:

I’m going to make 250 calls today.
I’m going to give away 50 business cards today.
I’m going to network and connect with 50 people on social media today.
I’m going to read an hour a day
I’m going to study my trade for an hour per day.
As you can see, these all have to do with disciplines and developing skills, and it’s important to have a plan for those.

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